Two Wrongs Make it Even

Guys are a waste of my time. So is this stupid dating site. It angers me.





I have no words.

How many people were drunk, when they decided to do this?

Kill me I’m so embarrassed. I can’t even translate this it’s just so full of puns and cultural in jokes. I’m leaving the fandom now. Goodbye.

Sorry if we’re like that wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww



The most amazing part of this is that the cat is actually using it



Ha. I used to frown so much my face would hurt. It hurts, bro. Stop bn mad. Get GLAD with a stupid trash bag. HOW IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY?! Stupid trash bags.

Asking me to be happy is like asking me to change lead to gold

It isn’t happening

You could do that if you were from Full Metal Alchemist.. or something. They do stuff like that in the show, right? Its been ages since I’ve watched that anime.

I need to go to bbeeeedd. Otherwise I’d totally annoy you and try to distract you from anger. Anger leads to the dark side, man. I’d totally join the dark side just to have a red lightsaber. red is my fav color~

Printers are shits. I have to deal with them at work all the time. The do these kinds of things constantly. XP
I finally got it to print everything. Tho its bn stupid and won’t print on both sides. That’s such a waste of paper. I can’t wait until I’m done with this class. Its not fun and the paper is annoying.
But I’m cool now. I still want to kill the printer. But I’m cool.

Oh my GOOOOOODDDD this printer is a fucking BASTARD!!!! It wouldn’t fucking print because it was out of megenta ink. So I make a second fucking trip to town just to get the damn ink. And now the fucker keeps saying its out of paper when its fucking NOT! Every page it prints “load paper in main tray”. THERE IS PAPER IN THERE, DAMMIT!! And now its not even printing anything. I NEED IT TO PRINT DAMMIT!! I HAVE SCHOOL SHIT THAT I HAVE TO READ YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!! I’m going to take a fucking baseball bat to this piece of shit!!!

Also I force shut down the damn thing but I fucking know that takes 24 hours to realize I just poked it in the fucking eye. I swear to god. Dammit!




please look at this giant dork

hola guapo~~


*gets abducted by aliens* thank you. you have no idea how much i hated living on that planet